Getting targeted traffic to your Website through Search Engines

Getting targeted traffic to your Website through Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization

You must be aware…  
That as of 2016 there are over 200+ millions registered websites in the internet……..



Most of us usually rely on search engines for what we want. Around 94% of people rely on search engines finding products or services before buying or using it.

Out of which around 84% of people uses Google others are Yahoo, Bing, AOL etc.

In google you have search lists. When you search with any search terms like “web designing companies in Houston, TX” you will see there are generally ads popping at the top of the page and the natural listing divided into multiple pages as 1,2,3,4,5…

Companies can pay google for ads but most people care about is Natural listing and they are most likely to contain what you are looking for and it is FREE. We also call it Organic Listing.

What’s the real story …
90% of the people only click in the first page. If they don’t find what are they are looking for they usually don’t bother clicking on subsequent result pages. Instead they will just start changing search keywords.. like “Best web designers in Houston, TX”.

In the results about 65% of people just click first 3 to 4 links or search results. If the people are looking something like yours and in the search results when they are going to see your website they are going to click and visit your page. These are visitors who are looking for exactly what you offer…. and they can be your customers, subscriber etc…

The truth is…
if your website is not in top 3 or 4 listings or not even in first page it is like you don’t even existin the search engines and no one is going to find it.

Every website has a ranking for a particular search terms and the position is determined byPage Rank, Quality and uniqueness of your Contents and Back links. All search engines follow this model of ranking webpages today. Search engines rank your website on relevance of number and quality of back links to it from other sources like  other websites, social media, blog posts, discussion forums etc.

Keywords let google see your website where contents matters a lot, whereas Back links let google  trust your website. And all this comes under organic or natural search results.

That’s not all….
Onsite Optimization is the another factors that ensure your website is full of keywords they are relevant to what u say it’s about.

Make sure your website is informative and legitimate, you are ready to get going for the SEO process.

If you need any more information about optimizing your website, please contact us.

Thank You for reading this article.
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