Web Designing

Web Designing

Basically, a website is called collection of Webpages having a main page called Homepage which is connected to all other pages. A website contains information, pictures, videos, news, offers etc of a company, group or organization or it can be of a person too.

Technically, website contains related collection of World Wide Web files that includes a beginning file called a Homepage. Example www.google.com is the website address of Google Inc. The website address is also called Domain Name which locates an organization or other entity on the internet.

Webdesign is the process of planning and creations of the website. Design is the key part of web design. This includes both the design principles: balance, contrast, emphasis, rhythm and unity and the design elements: lines, shapes, texture, color, and direction.

With Hooble Technologies Inc. we build a project plan according to the need and requirements of the customers. For each and every project we put a project manager who takes care of the development framework, life cycle of the project, ongoing maintenance.

Our practical steps involved in Web Designing process for a successful web project:

  1. Customer requirements and specifications
  2. Creation of a custom made Demo Homepage Design
  3. Changes and modifications as directed by our customers after looking at the prototype Homepage design
  4. Construction and content development
  5. Quality assurance and testing
  6. Publishing and promotions
  7. Ongoing Hosting and Maintenance of the Website


Our major tool for designing is Photoshop. And we use different technologies, programming and scripting languages in development process of the website, please check our Web Development page for more info.


Some terms related to website:

URI: Uniform Resource Identifier

URL: Uniform Resource Locator (Locates the hosted web files)

Http: Hypertext Transfer Protocol (is a set of rules for exchanging files such as text, graphic images, sound, video, and other multimedia files on the web.)


We can help you create your Dream Design. Please contact us to discuss your ideas with our professionals.


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