Web Development

Web Development

After the web design is complete we go for its development process to make the website more interactive and functional as per your need using different technologies in Client and server side development. We use different languages such as Markup Languages, Programming languages, Scripting Languages, Databases along with other technologies.

HTML(Hypertext Markup Language):
Structure information and presentation of web pages.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet):
Controls how web pages and its contents like text, colors, fonts etc are displayed in the browser .

Makes website more interactive, beautiful and fast

PHP(Hypertext Pre protocol):
Used to create interactive and dynamic websites and also  used in integrating with a range of databases.

XML(Extensible Markup language):
Is a software and hardware independent markup language designed for describing and transmitting information. Used for data manipulation and data transmission.


Here are some types of Dynamic Websites used by many businesses:

CMS (Content Management System):
Helps you to manage the website contents by yourself.

Multi CMS:
You can manage the contents plus you can add sub pages in the website.

Catalog Website:
Famous for businesses having products.

Selling products online through website.

Custom Dynamic Websites:
Any complex features as required by the customers.

Hooble Technologies Inc. develops any type of dynamic features according to the customer’s need and requirements. Please contact us if you need help discussing your dynamic feature for your website, we can help. We don’t have any contract for web design and development process.


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